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Why Kooks? The word Kooks invokes images of a crazy person. The truth is, to do something different in media, you really have to be a little crazy to begin with. Our heroes are those people all over the world who have tried something a little different, something others thought was a lost cause - but lo and behold, they were on to something! And so are we. Our goal is to bring you the most exciting, informative, and original programming on television.

We've been busy...

Somehow Hopeful is a look at the struggle to live life by sustainable and restorative means. This story is about the passion and sacrifice that will be necessary to steer us back from the brink of environmental disaster. You can view a series of character profiles on the Kooks Entertainment Youtube channel.

Master of All is the ultimate life hack series built around familiar movie themes. Are these tricks even possible? Our host will take on mega scripted challenges supported by real experts to show you the key to being Jason Bourne and James Bond! No matter how grave the situation becomes, a sense of humor and insider advice is always present. Find out how to be your own Master of All!

The Tevis Cup is the Grand Daddy of all endurance events. Horse and rider take on a grueling 100 mile course through the epic Sierra Nevada mountain range in under 24 hours! Half of all riders that enter fail to finish.